Dreaming of the Golden Years

I was out and about shooting some landscape-type stuff last week when I found a little honey hole of fantastic scenery.  I couldn't wait to get back to the location to shoot all kinds of various photo-goodness.  As usual, I was tracking my exploration on GPS tracker app on my iPhone, so I knew exactly where I had been.

Well, yesterday came, and I went out with Laura ready to shoot a new piece and knowing that my new location would be perfect for what I had in mind.  It was gloomy, rainy, the snow was an ugly, half-melted mess - in other words, it was a perfect day!  After Laura arrived at my house, we gathered our props, she put on the wardrobe supplied by Lauren Lynch (designer extraordinaire!), and we headed out.  I pulled up the GPS app to get the coordinates of my new honey hole, and lo and behold!  It wasn't there.  I had forgotten to log it!

Well, being a typical 38 or 39-ish year old guy (give or take), I never let on to Laura that I had no idea where the hell we were going, and off we went!  I think I did a convincing enough job of driving through the back roads of Dane County, Wisconsin until I managed to find our spot, and it looked fantastic!

We shot for about 15 minutes before I knew that I had what I needed and then called it a day.  I told the car's GPS to take us home, and away we went.*  Once home, I put the equipment away and started editing. This one came together pretty quickly, and I'm very happy with what we got.  I am excited to unveil it here.

Without further ado, here is "Dreaming of the Golden Years."


*I forgot to log the location in the GPS app again.  I SO wish I was a smart man.

Dreaming of the Golden Years, my newest fine art piece

Dreaming of the Golden Years, my newest fine art piece