Bow Project Redux

Recently I was photographing a model who had long ago seen her babysitter pose for my Bow Project and had always wanted to pose for it. After years of waiting for the right time, she asked to pose for it, and I agreed.  However, the Bow Project was long ago done and over with, and now that Keely was old enough to participate, I didn't want to do a token shoot.  Instead, we looked at how the project could change, and new inspiration came, reflecting the way my overall mood had changed in the intervening years.  This is the result of that shoot.

Seeing the result was all the inspiration I needed to revive the Bow Project, and recently I shot two new models in the new style.  It definitely reinvigorated my excitement for the project - I'm looking forward to doing it again and seeing how it needs to change to make it better than ever!

And of course, I had to do a shot of Keely in the original Bow Project style.