Here are five videos.  In them, somebody eats an ice cream cone, chews gum, eats a lollipop, smokes a water vapor hookah pen, and repeats a simple, innocent phrase over and over.  Some people will read more into them than that.  Mostly, that's ok.

As an artist, you hope that people find meaning in your work and that your creations help make some tiny bit of order out of the world.  I believe in people's right to define their own meaning in my work, and I respect their conclusions - that is the beauty of art.  I love the opportunities I have to hear what people find in the works that I create.  It is humbling and helps me grow as an artist and a person.  Sometimes, however, people read into your work things that were never intended, and not in a good way.  

In the book This Book Has No Title, author Jarod Kintz says, "The moment I heard her name I fell in love.  Of course I fell in love with the wrong name, so I made her legally change her name to match that of my love interest."  Attempting to change reality almost never results in any significant change.  Sometimes an elaborate work with a model in her underwear is less about the underwear and more about what the model is doing.  Like being rooted to the ground through tree-like hands, symbolically grounded by an internal struggle.  Some people only see the underwear.